Remember the great Billy Graham? He traveled the globe evangelizing millions and had one of the greatest impacts for Jesus Christ our world has ever known. His son, Franklin, now carries the torch for the ministry his father began, continuing a legacy that seeks to bring as many people to Jesus as possible. Franklin has recently led a movement of prayer meetings for our country on the steps of every state capitol in the United States. In many of those prayer meetings he was quoted, in reference to the upcoming election, “It’s not about what he said or what she did, it’s about the supreme court.”

Among many other issues at stake in this election, the highest court in the land is well, just that, the supreme issue. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to vote for Donald Trump, that’s enough reason to get off and vote Trump-Pence. He will nominate judges that will make a difference in favor of Biblical values. She will do the opposite.

The next President of the United States of America will nominate 2-3 judges on the 9 judge panel during just one or two terms as President. As we recently saw in Obergefell v. Hodges, the marriage-equality case that was won in favor of legalizing same sex marriage by a margin of one judge’s swing vote (5-4), just one judge makes a huge difference. Stepping back in time a bit, even Roe v. Wade, with a decisive final vote of 7-2 to strike down the Texas law that outlawed abortion, could have swung the other way on just 3 judges’ votes, which is the potential nominating power of the next president. And look at the untold impact that historic case has had on millions of unborn lives. Roe v. Wade not only legalized abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy, it also held that an unborn child “is not a person”. Since then, some states have effectively doubled the term within which a woman can have an abortion for any reason, like in New Mexico, where an unborn child can be aborted at up to 24 weeks (side note: a recent article in the NY Times stated that some fetuses are now surviving outside of the womb at 22 weeks). To be clear, Hillary Clinton supports late-term and partial birth abortion. She eliminated any and all doubt about that in the final debate. Donald Trump does not. If Hillary is elected, her supreme court nominees will also.

Religious freedom is also under attack, and the supreme court will weigh in heavily on that issue in years to come too.

In another recent 5-4 supreme court decision, the court ruled that Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties, as religious for-profit companies, had the right not to provide birth control to employees that violated their religious beliefs. If just one of the judges in that majority opinion is replaced by Hillary Clinton, that type of decision will likely go the other way. If that doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, it should. This is a slippery slope, and the Hobby Lobby case won’t be the last case of its type. There is a very real war on religious freedoms raging in our country.

Presidents are only elected for 4 years, but once a supreme court judge’s nomination is accepted, they serve for life. The longest term ever served by a supreme court justice was 36 years. That’s 9 presidential terms. Those of us that are middle-aged may not be here that long or will be entering the latter stages of life by then. Translation: This president will impact the direction of our nation for the rest of our lives, and for a large portion of our children and grandchildren’s lives.

Donald Trump is not a perfect man. I certainly don’t condone what he said 11 years ago. But I also don’t condone some of the things I did or said 11 years ago. This isn’t the time to be self-righteous. Too much is at stake.

At the end of the day, Donald Trump is surrounding himself with Godly advisors. As my good friend, Ray Panquerne (“Be the Change”) says in this must see video titled Why Would a Christian Vote for Donald Trump, wisdom is found in the multitude of counselors. To boot, his VP candidate, Mike Pence, is a very Godly man. Any Bible-believing Christian would approve of a Pence Presidency in a heartbeat.

I could go on and on about all of the other issues Hillary stands for and aggressively champions. To name just a few, they are the promotion of the LGBT agenda, the desire to penalize successful business owners with higher taxes, and the proliferation of Obamacare. More and more seems to come to light every day about her mis-handling of classified information and corrupt approach to power. She is not the face we want staring down ISIS. They would be encouraged by her presidency.

There are only two viable options in this election: Trump or Clinton. If you see both choices as evil, one is definitively the lesser of the two evils. We can’t sit on our hands. There is too much at stake. A non-vote is a vote for just about everything that threatens to destroy the Godly impact America has had on the world, and what kind of country our children will grow up in.

As a believer, I can’t be on the fence. This vote is for more than just the next four years. It’s for the next generation. Not voting is not an option if we care about this country and standing up for Godly values. I’m voting Trump-Pence.